The Costs of Initiative 2117

I-2117 will harm Washington taxpayers and communities across our state.

I-2117 will strip billions in investment from community priorities in every county — like air quality, transportation and transit service, fish habitat, and preventing wildfires.

I-2117 will shift the burden of paying for the impacts of pollution onto local communities and families.

I-2117 cuts programs that lower costs for Washingtonians

…like funding for the program that helps low- and moderate-income households save money on their energy bills by delivering more efficient home heating appliances.

I-2117 guts funding for clean air and water

…like programs to reduce toxic air pollution that endangers our families and communities.

I-2117 slashes investments in forest health, land management, and wildfire prevention

…like the state grant program that helps local governments and landowners clear brush, which can fuel extreme wildfires.

I-2117 cuts billions from the transportation budget

…putting at risk transit service, ferries, and road projects across Washington and making traffic worse.

1-2117 wipes out support for Native communities

…like programs to help keep them safe from flooding and sea level rise.

1-2117 eliminates funds for farmlands and growers

…like grants that support growers’ and ranchers’ sustainable practices.

1-2117 tanks investment in fish habitat and salmon recovery

…like grants to remove barriers that hurt migrating salmon.

Pledge to Vote NO as an Individual

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Pledge to Vote NO as an Organization

NOTE: Not for individual endorsements. To Pledge to Vote NO on 2117 as an individual, please close this pane and click the “Pledge as an Individual” button.